How it works
Select, Define, Execute

All Extract, Load and Transform (ELT) processes are orchestrated by the 'Data Migration Task' in Loome and are simply a matter of establishing connections between a source and target.

Your source can be any database, file or API. The UI provides a list of available options and allows you to configure the manner in which you would like to ingest the data, including creating custom output schemas on migration and enabling parallel data ingestion for expediting migration times.

Replicating the source is a simple check box that automatically detects and loads all tables from the source at the time of executing the job. Alternatively, you can select individual tables, views or use a SQL Query as your source table in situ.

A gif showing how Loome Integrate users can configure data migration task.
Persistent Staging

Persistent Staging is an advanced data migration that tracks changes to source records over time. This means with each persistent staging migration, when data is changed or modified in the source, Loome will retain both a record of the data as it was at the time of the prior migrations, and insert the data in its current state.

A gif showing how Loome Integrate users can set up new task for Persistent Staging.
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