Loome Connection

What is Apache Livy?

Apache Livy allows for an Apache Spark cluster to be interacted with through a REST interface. It allows for multiple submission of Apache Spark jobs from various apps using Python, Java or Scalia languages. This opens up a range of accessibility and interactivity options previously not available to use with Spark.

Loome Integrate Apache Livy Connection

Loome Integrate allows for Apache Livy to remotely run the required tasks for Spark. These can be scheduled and queued up as part of Integrate's advanced data orchestration options. You can build advanced and dependable data pipelines through the careful preparation and management of necessary data tasks.

Learn more about Loome Integrate and how it can streamline the way you sequence and important tasks within your data systems.

Apache Livy Connector Solution Scenarios

There are many potential real-world applications for this integrations, some of which you might find written up in our Resources section.

Publish Apache Livy to These Systems

When you have deployed your tools in maintaining a well functioning data ecosystem, you will typically want a way to visualise and bring together all your reports in a single, accessible portal. Loome Publish provides an easy-to-deploy tool which enables you to get your reports seen by those who need them. Loome Publish allows you to bring together all your reports from various systems into a single consolidated reporting portal.

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