Loome Connection

What is Azure Synapse?

Azure Synapse is the next-generation unification of data pipelines and analytics workloads. Formerly known as SQL DW, Synapse brings massively scalable big data analytics into the data warehousing space. Specifically designed with a focus on machine learning applications, it enables fast preparation of data for ML models. It offers essentially limitless, on-demand, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) capabilities, with compute resources scalable independently to storage. The four constituent parts of Azure Synapse are SQL Analytics, Spark, Data Integration and Studio.

Loome Integrate Azure Synapse Connection

Loome Integrate connects to Azure Synapse both as a source and as a target. It allows for effortless migration and consolidation of existing databases into this single powerful warehousing and analytics tool.

Learn more about Loome Integrate and how it can optimise the way you query your big data systems.

Azure Synapse Connector Solution Scenarios

There are numerous real-world implementations of this connector some of which are covered by scenarios we have written up in our Resources section.

Publish Azure Synapse to These Systems

Once connected to Azure Synapse as a source, you can move your analytics data to a visualisation and reporting tool. Loome Publish allows you to create an integrated analytics portal. This is useful if you are working with several big data analytics tools and wish to bring the reporting together. Creating a comprehensive, centralised nexus of your published analytics assets is a great way to take control over your reporting environment.

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