Loome Connection

What is Cloudant?

Cloudant is a suite of software from IBM which is centred around supporting web applications. It is a data analytics and data management engine for distributed databases built specifically for the cloud. It is a document-oriented database which uses a flexible JSON format and is optimised for data-heavy workloads.

Loome Integrate Cloudant Connection

Loome Integrate connect to Cloudant as a source, utilising your web application data in other systems and converging it with other aspects of your data environment.

Learn more about Loome Integrate and how it can optimise the way you query your big data systems.

Cloudant Connector Solution Scenarios

There are numerous real-world implementations of this connector, some of which are covered by scenarios we have written up in our Resources section.

Publish Cloudant to These Systems

Once connected to Cloudant as a source, you can move your web application data to a visualisation tool to unlock more reporting capabilities. Loome Publish allows you to embed these reports and dashboards in Loome Publish to create an integrated analytics portal. Creating a comprehensive, centralised nexus for derivatives of your web application data is a great way to take control over your analytics environment.

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