Loome Connection

What is Databricks?

Azure Databricks is a cloud-based big data engineering tool. It allows for the quick creation of an Apache Spark environment as well as data science and machine learning frameworks, supporting work done in SQL, Python, R and Java.

It offers a centralised and easy to manage management portal for all pipelines, models and experiments. It has native connectivity directly with other Azure services such as Active Directory and Data Lake Storage and Synapse Analytics, allowing for well integrated Azure data pipelines.

Natively Orchestrate Databricks Integration Tasks

Loome allows orchestration of data pipelines across data engineering, data science and high performance computing workloads with native integration of Databricks data pipeline tasks.

Loome provides a sophisticated workbench for configuration of job and task dependencies, scheduling, detailed logging, automated notifications and API access for dynamic task creation and execution.

Loome can execute tasks located as scripts in a GIT repository, entered via a web interface or by executing operations within a database. Loome includes support for native execution of SQL, Python, Spark, HIVE, PowerShell/PowerShell Core and Operating System commands.

Loome also simplifies control of deployment across multiple environments, and approval of changes between Development, Test and Production environments. Loome also allows you to scale your advanced pipelines to take advantage of on-demand clusters without changing a single line of code.