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What is Apache HBASE?

Apache HBase is an open-source database system which runs over the top of Hadoop and is distributed and non-relational. It aims to offer functionality similar to Google BigTable, focused on handling very large data tables numbering into the billions. It is optimised to specifically handle these incredibly large volume data tables. HBase runs with a Java-based API and features modular as well as linear scalability.

Loome Integrate Apache HBASE Connection

Loome Integrate can connect to Apache HBase as a source. This allows you to have more flexibility in migrating or consolidating your databases.

Learn more about Loome Integrate and how it can optimise the way you query your big data systems.

Apache HBASE Connector Solution Scenarios

There are numerous real-world implementations of this connector, some of which are covered by scenarios we have written up in our Resources section.

Publish Apache HBASE to These Systems

Once connected to HBase as a source, you can transfer your large data volumes to additional tools of your choice for reporting or visualisation.

You can embed these reports and dashboards in Loome Publish to create an analytics portal. Creating a comprehensive, centralised nexus of your published assets is a great way to take control over your reporting environment.

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