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What is Power BI Report Server?

Power BI Report Server is the on-premises report server version of Power BI. It can be used to host and present reports through a reliable enterprise-grade business intelligence platform.

Power BI Report Server allows for more control over the analytics and reporting environment by establishing it on-premises. Even though it offers a significant level of stability and security, reports from the server can be published across a range of mediums and devices for consumption.

Power BI Report Server Embedding in Loome Publish

Power BI Report Server can be connected to as a source system by Loome Publish with embedding and syncing functionality. This allows for the creation of an integrated analytics portal that can combine cloud and on-premises data sources to create a centralised nexus for data consumption. Data governance and user access control is made easier and more manageable even for large organisations.

You can also learn more about the BI Report Server Connector in the Loome Documentation.

Power BI Report Server Embedding Solution Scenarios

Below are a selection of Solution Scenarios which can help you understand the ways in which the Loome suite of software can be used to solve real world business problems.

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