Loome Connection

What is Power BI?

Power BI is Microsoft's analytics and visualisation platform. It consists of two parts, cloud-based business intelligence products called Power BI Services and on-premises implementation called Power BI Desktop.

It offers the ability to create dashboards for self service analytics, offering a range of visualisations with additional ones being available for download to meet a range of needs. Power BI connects seamlessly not only to other Microsoft products, but a range of other data sources.

Power BI also offers forecasting and powerful insight generating using tools such as machine learning. It is accessible, allowing different team members and departments to use it in meeting their own specific analytics needs.

Power BI Embedding in Loome Publish

Power BI can be connected to as a source system by Loome Publish to embed and sync as part of integrating multiple BI systems to create a centralised analytics portal. This expands the publishing and sharing options provided by Power BI. Loome Publish allows you to centralise all your data assets in order to improve discoverability, security and governance.

You can also learn more about the BI Connector in the Loome Documentation.

Power BI Embedding Solution Scenarios

Below are a selection of Solution Scenarios which can help you further contextualise and understand potential use cases that Loome offers in helping you get the most out of whatever source systems you are using.

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