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What is SAP BusinessObjects?

SAP BusinessObjects offers an on-premises deployed business intelligence suite that offers powerful but dynamic self-service analytics. It can be scaled to meet the requirements of an enterprises of any size. Dashboards are customisable but also cable of sharing and being targeted across teams and departments in an organisation.

There are a number of separate applications that comprise the SAP BusinessObjects suite. These include SAP Business Objects Dashboards which is a custom dashboard creation tool, SAP Lumira which is a data discovery enablement tool and Web Intelligence, which works out of a web browser to deliver reports and advanced analysis.

SAP BusinessObjects Embedding in Loome Publish

SAP BusinessObjects can be connected to as a source system to enable continuous syncing in Loome Publish. This allows you to bring together other visualisations from cloud or on-premises systems in order to create a centralised analytics portal.

Publishing all of your data assets in a single portal is a good way to take control over data lineage, user access control and consumption in order to achieve good operational data governance.

You can also learn more about the BusinessObjects Connector in the Loome Documentation.

SAP BusinessObjects Embedding Solution Scenarios

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