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What is Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse?

Microsoft SQL Server is a system for managing relational databases, serving requested data when it is requested by assorted systems and applications. Its main feature is its database engine, which handles queries and matches them up to items which exist in storage. The database engine consists of the relational engine, which processes queries and calculates the optimal way of executing it, and the storage engine, which manages how data is allocated to hard storage mediums.

Loome Integrate Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse Connection

Loome Integrate connects to Microsoft SQL Server both as a source and as a target. Additionally, it works both with on-premises and Azure hosted instances.

Learn more about Loome Integrate and how it can optimise the way you access data for analytics.

Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse Connector Solution Scenarios

Browse the Loome Resource page for some examples of business cases where these connections and integrations potentially play a critical role.

Publish Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse to These Systems

Once connected to Microsoft SQL Server as a source, you can forward your enterprise data warehouse to a visualisation and reporting tool.

You can embed these reports and dashboards in Loome Publish to create an analytics portal. Creating a comprehensive, centralised nexus of your published Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse assets is a great way to take control over your data landscape.

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