Loome Connection

What is Sugar CRM?

Sugar CRM is a customer relationship management system that covers a spectrum of functionality from customer support to marketing automation. The combination of products is designed to manage the progression of users through the sales funnel, providing visibility and analytics for every stage of the sales process. After conversion, the customer support module provides a platform to manage support calls, with support for a product knowledge base as well as an intelligent case routing system.

Their software is offered in different packages: Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate as well as more function specific modules called Sugar Serve, Sugar Sell and Sugar Market.

Loome Integrate Sugar CRM Connection

Loome Integrate connects to Sugar CRM as a source in order to perform data migrations into other systems.

Although the native integrations provided by Sugar CRM may meet the vast majority of business use cases, sometimes something a little extra might be required to expand functionality in a very particular way.

Learn more about Loome Integrate and how it can streamline the way you utilise your customer relationship data.

Sugar CRM Connector Solution Scenarios

Read more about solution scenarios potentially involving this customer relationship data connector.

Publish Sugar CRM to These Systems

Once connected to Sugar CRM as a source, you can move your customer relationship data to a visualisation and reporting tool. You can embed these reports and dashboards in Loome Publish to create an analytics portal. Creating a centralised nexus of your customer relationship assets is a way to have better managed data across your organisation.

These are some of the visualisation and report creation tools that can be used to publish data assets and create an analytics portal environment.

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