Loome Connection

What is Thoughtspot?

Thoughtspot is a a self-service data analytics platform aimed at opening up analytics to more teams and more users across enterprises. It combines natural language search with fast query times due to its unique, purpose-built architecture.

Thoughtspot offers AI driven insights based on a dozens of specifically tailored machine learning algorithms. Additionally, it offers personalised insights and recommendations based on the usage and query history of any given user.

Thoughtspot Embedding in Loome Publish

Thoughtspot can be connected to as a source system by Loome Publish for the purposes of embedding and syncing, allowing it to be built into a centralised analytics portal. Further expanding on the publishing and sharing options provided by Thoughtspot, Loome Publish allows you to centralise all your data assets in order to improve discoverability, security and governance.

You can also learn more about the Connector in the Loome Documentation.

Thoughtspot Embedding Solution Scenarios

Below are a selection of Solution Scenarios which can help you further contextualise and understand potential use cases of this functionality and what that Loome offers in helping you get the most out of whatever source systems you are using.

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