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What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship platform that consists of numerous modules designed to fulfil a veriety of marketing, lead nurturing and customer support functions. It automates sales processes such as lead management and contract management. It also provides a set of tool to assist with different aspects of marketing such as web analytics and events management.

Zoho CRM functions on a base of cloud services backed up by data security including advanced data encryption and IP-based user permissions control. Its functions integrate into every relevant business channel, including sales enablement tools for email campaigns, telephone sales, social media and more.

Loome Integrate Zoho CRM Connection

Loome Integrate connects to Zoho CRM as a source in order to perform data migrations to other data systems.

Although Zoho CRM does include a number of integrations with several popular CRM-adjacent systems, sometimes you might need functionality that goes beyond what these native connectors provide. By migrating your data with this connector, with a combination of SQL statements and migrations from other systems, you can create your own bespoke integration that can be used to achieve a very specific business need.

Learn more about Loome Integrate and how it can streamline the way you utilise your customer relationship data.

Zoho CRM Connector Solution Scenarios

Additionally, below are pages that can help you better understand the potential use case of this customer relationship data connector.

  • Building a Customer Data Platform
  • Using AI for Customer Service

Publish Zoho CRM to These Systems

Once connected to Zoho CRM as a source, you can move your customer relationship data to a visualisation and reporting tool. You can embed these reports and dashboards in Loome Publish to create an integrated analytics portal. Creating a comprehensive, centralised nexus of your customer relationship assets is a great way to take control over your reporting environment.

These are some of the visualisation and report creation tools that can be used to publish data assets and create an analytics portal environment.

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